Emerald Onion is a Seattle-based 501(c)3 nonprofit and transit internet service provider. We work to protect privacy, anonymity, access to information, and free speech online. To further that mission, we operate high-capacity, fully open Tor exit routers with connectivity to the Seattle Internet Exchange. Emerald Onion envisions a world where access and privacy are the defaults. If we do not have human rights online, we will not have them offline, either.

View the status of our routers on Tor Project’s Relay Search.

IPv6: 2620:18c:0:1001::101
Fingerprint: AAB8C81C9443B917A49BEF56C9B38F4CD34D4A45
Bandwidth Rate: no limit
Bandwidth Burst: no limit
IPv6: 2620:18c:0:1001::105
Bandwidth Rate: 14 MB/s
Bandwidth Burst: 1000 MB/s
IPv6: 2620:18c:0:1001::106
Fingerprint: B4944F8E31472498E86F89A028F5B84BEEC0B73A
Bandwidth Rate: 7 MB/s
Bandwidth Burst: 1000 MB/s