Peering with Emerald Onion is an excellent way to contribute to the Tor network! We strongly recommend peering with us if you're a member of the following Internet Exchanges:

  • Seattle Internet Exchange
  • Fremont Cabal Internet Exchange
  • Berlin Commercial Internet Exchange

Emerald Onion has an open peering policy; in some circumstances, we are willing to peer over tunnels. All we ask is that:

  • Do not point default or static routes at Emerald Onion without a signed written agreement.
  • Keep your contact information up-to-date (preferably in PeeringDB).

View our PeeringDB information at

All routes have IRR records, and are RPKI signed. Check our current status at:

Traffic Profile

Our traffic profile is symmetrical.


You may contact for requests.

Seattle Internet Exchange details

Fremont Cabal Internet Exchange details